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In Depth Process of Embodied Relational Healing
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You’ve been going along in your life, coping, just getting by. But that’s not good enough for you anymore. You want to feel you are doing something meaningful and doing it well.

You feel like life is asking more of you lately. You’re stressed and unsure how to move forward in your life. Everything feels hard.

You long for more stability. More confidence. But sometimes it’s hard to get yourself going. You feel full of doubt. You hesitate. You feel unsure what to do.

You’ve been trying to improve your situation…

You may have tried counseling or coaching. You can recognize and name your problems, but they don’t change. You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, taken classes or workshops. You’ve tried toughing it out, pushing through. You might have found approaches that make sense and resonate with you, but you give up after the first few steps and feel even worse. You’ve tried to will yourself to change. You’ve tried changing everyone else. You’ve tried to point out other people’s problems, in hopes that their change would make your life easier, but it doesn’t. You may feel you’ve tried everything!

What’s going on?

When you feel this way, it’s important to understand the roots of your difficulties. If you look closely you will see that all of your problems, challenges and confusions are based on how you relate to yourself, the important people in your life, and the world.

It’s all about relationship.

Our relational fears and expectations run our lives if we don’t find a way to re-pattern them.

Our patterns of relating and the unconscious expectations of what will or won’t happen in our lives are wired into our brains, bodies and hearts from the very earliest part of our lives. We learn them implicitly from our families and our culture. They are so foundational to our way of viewing the world that we are mostly unaware of them and how strongly they affect our lives now.

This is so basic it can be hard to grasp. Here’s some examples from real people:
Your relational patterning is as unique as your fingerprint.
When you can access your most basic relational patterns in an embodied way and get support to loosen their hold on your life, new neural pathways are literally created in your mind and body. And these old patterns no longer have the power to run your life.
I can guide and accompany you in this process.

To free yourself from your stuck relational patterns, you need a balanced approach, which includes:

What are the results of this healing process?
This process is one of the very few that offers both the practical, scientific knowledge of how relational healing works and offers guidance through the actual embodied experience of it. Having knowledge of the brain without the experience does not lead to full integration. Having healing experiences without the framework to understand what’s going on can make it difficult to stay with the many confusing aspects of the experience. This process offers both. It gives you:

How does the process of Embodied Relational Healing work?

We’ll meet once a week for 75 minute sessions. All sessions are happening remotely over zoom or phone during the pandemic.

I do 75 minute sessions because this allows time for talking, experiential processes and integration. I’ve found this is the ideal length for this work.

I recommend meeting weekly because research has shown that during the re-patterning process, the system stays open for about a week. My experience is that the re-patterning happens much more quickly when meeting weekly and slows significantly when meeting less often. It’s an intensive schedule that is optimal for the process. I recommend three months as a minimum amount of time to discover and strengthen new pathways.

You will also receive:
Your Investment

The process of embodied relational healing is for individuals that want to significantly heal their relational challenges and are committed to doing so.

The cost for this program is $150/session

This is an investment in your quality of life for years to come.

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