Melanya Helene
Women’s Group
An intimate online group with Melanya

For women who feel they give more than they receive
and want more balance between meeting their own needs and those of other’s.

You are a support to many people — maybe your spouse, your children, or even professionally. You feel like you are managing everything on your own.

This can leave you feeling drained. Worn out. Too tired to really help others. Overwhelmed.

Who is caring for and supporting you?

You know that to be an effective support to others, you need to take care of yourself. But how do you do that? It can feel like just another task to undertake — and you are so tired…

When you try to take care of yourself you feel like you are being selfish or that you don’t deserve the care — shouldn’t need it. And how can you give to yourself when so many people really need things from you? After all, you can push yourself a little more…

You’ve looked for ways to take care of yourself — to recharge and replenish yourself. Yoga, exercise, massages… and they help. But this deep fatigue and sadness comes back again and again.

You sometimes feel quite alone in this. Like you aren’t doing it right. Like you ‘should’ be able to do this better and have more energy. It may even have impacted your health.

You long to feel joy and connection in your relationships with family and friends. You often find yourself just getting through the day — attending to tasks — too exhausted at the end of the day to really connect.

What’s going on?

Our earliest relationships shape our brains. They set up patterns of relating that can stay with us our whole lives.

We learned what we had to do and how we had to be to be approved of – to be accepted into the family as best we could.

Things like:

Any of these sound familiar? And there are so many more…

These adaptations work for us to a point. They keep our relationships going along. But there’s a cost.

Our needs and wants aren’t getting met. And these adaptations require a lot of focus, attention and energy.

No wonder you are so tired at the end of the day…

It’s possible to change these patterns. To rewire them without risking losing the relationships of those you care about. To have close loving relationships with lovers, children and friends without giving up or ignoring your own needs.

Which brings me to this women’s group and why I am offering this opportunity…

Our relational fears and expectations run our lives if we don’t find a way to re-wire them.

To truly shift our patterns of relating – to have the nourishing relationships we long for – we need ongoing support. We need to feel we are doing this together, in community. This is why I feel so excited to offer this women’s group.

What makes this group so unique?

We will explore ways of relating in many ways – all of them gentle and respectful. Many of these explorations will fall outside of our usual kinds of interactions – through movement, sounding, meditation. It is often much easier to experience new ways of relating outside of our usual habits this way. And no worries, you don’t need to have any skill or training in any of these things. I will be leading and guiding you and the exercises will be very accessible and easy to grasp.

I have seen this process work with women of all ages from all kinds of backgrounds and am very excited to get this new group started.

In leading this group, I’ll be bringing my understanding of how our brains and bodies work in relationships so we can work with our nature rather than struggling against it. I also bring my 20 plus years of deep explorations in movement, sound and play – the most basic and primary ways we relate to each other.

I am passionate about this healing process that is both deep and joyful. And works!

Here’s the recipe for this rewiring process:

Step One

Get to know your patterns of relating intimately, including all the emotions, gestures, actions and sensations that go with them.

Step Two

Have real time, in-person experiences with other people that open up these patterns and shift them. Experiences of being heard and held and related to in new, more nourishing ways.

Step Three

Repeat steps one and two until the new patterns are strong and sustainable.
The Details

The group will meet over zoom Sundays 5-7pm Pacific Time two times a month starting August 6, 2023. The group meetings will usually fall on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month with some exceptions due to holidays.

The group will be intimate — no more than 9 women. The structure of the group will be relatively simple. We’ll start with a short guided meditation and then I’ll share some information about our embodied relational wiring and how it works and lead everyone through some exercises to get to know what’s going on for you personally. We will move into dyad or triad work with other group members to share and listen and deepen your understanding of how the information relates to your life experiences. And then we’ll come back together and I’ll work one on one with a few individuals to help open up a deeper piece, both for the person I’m working with and also for everyone else in the group to learn from.

This is all done very gently. This work can be very tender. No one is ever required to share if they are in a place where they don’t feel like it. It’s all held in confidentiality. We do things very gently because I’ve found in my decades of working with people that gentleness works best and allows our processes to open up and unfold most naturally and efficiently.

One of the reasons I’m only going to be working with a few people individually each time we meet, is because sometimes the content is strong and the person who is ready for that can get that work, and everyone else gets the benefit of having a little distance from it which actually helps it move inside them more gently, without having to be in front of others sharing. We can learn so much from witnessing other’s processes without having to be on the spot ourselves. And when you are ready for that, you also can get the benefit of me working directly with you. It’s all done with a lot of consent and great respect for each person’s process exactly how it is.

Your Investment

The group is for women that want to significantly heal their relational patterns and are committed to doing so.

This group costs $225/ month.

The group is ongoing, and I ask for a 6 months commitment to ensure continuity in the group field.

This is an investment in your quality of life for years to come.

How to Join
First, fill out the form below. Then have a conversation with me, Melanya, so I can answer any questions you have and we can start to get to know each other and make sure this group is a good fit for what you want and need.

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